Workforce Development

  • Solar
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Cyber Security
  • Construction Management


The solar industry is one of the fastest areas of job growth in America today, offering career opportunities to all education and experience levels. Nexlegacy engages in major initiatives and conducts research to support a strong and diverse solar workforce. We help the industry meet urgent hiring needs by connecting solar employers, training providers, career seekers, and workforce boards. Nexlegacy also engages solar industry leaders, certified training providers, and career development networks to strengthen veteran solar career pathways. We are engaged in a range of national, high-impact capacity building efforts to align  talent and skills with industry workforce needs.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Nexlegacy provides practical understanding and skills required to properly design, install, and maintain fiber optic networks. Applicable for fiber optic communications systems in Telco, Broadband, and Premises (LAN) applications. Students will use the latest fiber optic technology and equipment to learn how to splice, connectorize, test, and troubleshoot optical fiber networks in order to increase efficiency, reliability, and on-the-job safety as well as reduce cost and downtime.

Cyber Security

Online, onsite and Austin Campus cybersecurity training for individuals and groups. Courses include Threat Hunting, Incident Response, Compliance and many others. Through the Academy, we provide expert-led training, exercises,
modeling and simulations for all aspects of cyber security and are an official training partner of:

EC Council

Construction Management

Our Mission is to promote the profession of construction management and the use of qualified construction managers on projects and programs. Nexlegacy offers opportunities for Construction Managers (CMs) who are preparing for the CCM exam, looking to maintain their current certification, or who would just like to keep their construction management skills sharp. This valuable learning opportunity focuses on construction management core competencies and will benefit those wanting sound basic construction management.